科技向善,数据有度。 腾讯视用户信息安全与隐私保护为自己的生命线。我们遵循腾讯隐私保护PBD,P代表Person,以保护用户隐私为核心;B代表Button,希望通过“隐私按钮”(产品设计)为用户提供合理高效的隐私保护;D代表Data,全方位保障数据安全。

Tencent Privacy Protection Platform

Technology is deployed for social good and data is put in manageable use It is Tencent’s lifeline to protect users’ information security and privacy. We strictly adhere to the Tencent Privacy Protection PBD Guideline. P, stands for “Person”, representing users’ privacy as the essence of our protection. B, stands for “Button”, providing “privacy button” (product design) to offer users a reasonable and efficient privacy protection channel. D means “Data”, representing data security, which we provide our users an overall data security protection.

安全可靠 Security Safeguard and Reliance

我们竭尽全力通过合理有效的信息安全技术及管理流程,防止您的信息泄露、损毁、丢失。 We try our best to prevent your information from breach, damage or loss via effective and reasonable information security technology and administrative process.

保护通信秘密 Protection of Communication Secret

我们严格遵照法律法规,保护您的通信秘密,为您提供安全的通信服务。 We will strictly protect your communication secrets in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

自主选择 Choice

我们为您提供便利的信息管理选项,以便您做出合适的选择,管理您的个人信息。 We provide you convenient privacy management options so that you may make proper choices to control or manage your privacy.

合理必要 Reasonableness and Necessity

为了向您和其他用户提供更好的服务,我们仅收集必要的信息。 We will collect necessary data so that we can provide you and other users with better service in order to achieve products' functions.

清晰透明 Transparency

我们努力使用简明易懂的表述,向您介绍隐私政策,以便您清晰地了解我们的信息处理方式。 We endeavor to introduce our privacy policy in an easy and straightforward way and help you better understand our information process practice.

将隐私PBD融入产品设计 Integrate Privacy PBD Principle with Tencent’s Product Designs

我们在产品或服务开发的各个环节,综合法律、产品、设计等多方因素,融入隐私保护的理念,落实腾讯PBD隐私保护方法论。 We take legal, product, design and other elements into considerations of every aspect of our product and service development, to integrate with Privacy PBD Principle, in order to carry out the methodology of Tencent PBD Privacy Protection.
P, stands for “Person”, representing our user-centric work attitude, and it stress on improving the transparency of user data processing. B, stands for “Button”, which represents controlling, by providing convenient information management function, to allow users to control their own personal information. D, stands for “Data”, representing data security, which we provide our users an overall data security protection with comprehensive and effective security techonologies and standard procedures.
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