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The Tencent Open Platform is a distribution platform for various third party services, including but not limited to third party applications, joint logon services and marketing services.
Tencent is dedicated to establishing a neutral, fair, open and just platform for third parties.
The following guidelines are meant to establish market order and protect the rights of intellectual property owners according to relevant PRC laws and regulations.
If you still have questions, please see the FAQ.


1.1 Notice to Tencent

If a rights holder (the “Complainant”) believes a third party service on the Tencent Open Platform infringes his or her lawful rights and wishes to notify Tencent, the Complainant should submit to Tencent in writing the completed notice in the form in Appendix A with at least the following information (the “Notice”), further details of which can be found in Appendix A:

(1) Complainant Information
The Complainant’s name, contact information, and if applicable, address, title, and other materials verifying the identity of the Complainant.

(2) Complainant Request
The name and network address (e.g., URL) of the service containing suspected infringing material.

(3) Preliminary Evidence Demonstrating Infringement
I. Proof of Complainant’s Ownership of Intellectual Property:
Including but not limited to, copyright, trademark and/or patent certificates, materials establishing an initial publication date, manuscripts, file time stamps, and other evidence of the Complainant’s ownership of the relevant intellectual property rights.
II. Evidence of Third Party Infringement of Complainant’s Rights:
Including but not limited to, materials showing that the third party service has infringed a copyright, trademark and/or patent right of the Complainant (e.g., screenshots, source code comparisons).

(4) Complainant’s Representation and Warranty
The Complainant must include the following representation and warranty in any Notice to Tencent pursuant to this guideline:
"All information and materials provided in this Notice by the Complainant are true, valid and lawful.
Complainant shall indemnify and hold harmless Tencent for all losses incurred by Tencent arising out of or as a result of the removal or disconnection of the suspected infringing service specified in this Notice, including but not limited to any loss from compensation by Tencent to the third party and/or to end users and damage to the reputation and goodwill of Tencent."

1.2 Feedback from Tencent

As a neutral platform service provider, Tencent will, after receiving from a Complainant a Notice prepared in accordance with this guideline, notify the third party suspected of infringement, and:

(1) If the third party acknowledges the infringement
Tencent will remove the suspected infringing material in accordance with PRC laws and regulations.

(2) If the third party disputes the infringement claim
Tencent will notify the Complainant of such objection.
Tencent suggests that, if the Complainant still disagrees with the third party, the Complainant should initiate an administrative complaint or lawsuit to resolve the dispute directly with the third party.

If the Complainant has additional evidence that can refute the third party’s objection, the Complainant may also provide such evidence to Tencent.


(1) The Complainant in this guideline refers to the original owner of the copyright, trademark and/or patent rights, or an agent duly authorized by said original owner.

(2) To ensure the authenticity of a complaint, original evidentiary materials (including the relevant certificates, etc.) should be provided to the extent possible. If any original document cannot be provided, a duplicate copy signed by the Complainant may be provided.
Any foreign (i.e. non-Chinese) materials should be notarized and transmitted according to the applicable laws and regulations and the corresponding notarization and transmission materials should be provided.The Notice, including all supporting materials, should be send to Tencent company by one of below ways:
I.send all the scanned materials above mentioned to notice-b2@tencent.com.
II. mail all hard copy materials above mentioned to below address of Tencent:
Legal Department Tencent Building, Keji Zhong Road 1, Science & Technology Park Nanshan District, Shenzhen Guangdong Province, China Post Code:
(3) "Notice" as used in this guideline refers to the written notice of complaint in the form in Appendix A, together with all supporting materials submitted in accordance with this guideline, including Complainant information and evidence of ownership and infringement.

(4) If the Complainant has already initiated an administrative complaint or lawsuit at the time of the Notice, please submit, together with the Notice, the complaint and the evidentiary materials submitted to the relevant government body or court, to aid the determination of the Complainant’s complaint.

(5) Any discontinuation of third party service must be made in accordance with relevant PRC laws and regulations. For example, pursuant to relevant rules in effect at the present, termination of any online game operation must be preceded with a public announcement at least sixty days in advance.

Appendix A: Tencent Open Platform Complaint Notice Template

Download: Tencent Open Platform Complaint Notice Template-EN


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